Advanced Modern Monitoring

Issue monitoring and legislative tracking services have been around for quite some time but have failed to keep up with modern times and increased demand for specific services that fit available budgets. Manticore intends to disrupt the status quo of monitoring services with a new, state of the art, scalable and performant, customizable, and most of all reliable service offering.

While originally designed to provide issue monitoring and legislative tracking at all levels with a particular feature set for tracking issues at the municipal level, Manticore allows for any type of monitoring, analysis, and reporting that fits your needs. Whether it be for competitive analysis or keeping an eye on many individual or connected data sources.

Manticore was born out of need. A need for something that wasn’t being offered in a way that was efficient and affordable. A need that has been greatly understood before architecting the solution to the  problem of monitoring many sources of data and being able to gain timely insight of direct and indirect changes that may affect the way you do business.

Key Features

Providing Your Critical Birds Eye View


Monitoring multiple sources of data as logical clusters is key to gaining a full birds eye view on the content that is critical to you.

Just About Anything

Monitor web pages, entire websites, documents, files, and social media accounts. Let our Smart Monitoring relieve you of otherwise tedious human tasks like navigating through complex data.


Structured or unstructured analysis of every information source provides fast and accurate insights and awareness.

Guided Analysis

Guided analysis features provide the tools needed to structure and define how data that is critical to you is measured, weighed, and stored for reporting and notifying.


Generate reports with as little or as much detail as you wish. We don't believe in a one size fits all approach to reporting.

Your Reports, Your way!

Report via dynamic generation of documents, presentations, e-mails, and more. Define your reporting goals and interests to fit your needs. Or create multiple reports for different team members based on the same data.


Get your notifications in a timely fashion using a zero compromise approach that we put you in control of.

Notifications Without Limits

Realtime or scheduled notifications? No problem. To your phone via SMS or push notifications? No problem. Via e-mail or other third party services? No problem!


Unlike many other services out there, we provide you with a true mobile-first experience that allows full control.

Access anywhere and everywhere

As a busy professional we understand your need for mobile access to your critical information. From the Dashboard to the Admin side, Manticore is designed with mobile in mind.

Connected Data

Connecting the dots? Connect multiple sources of information that are monitored for a strategic and in-depth view.

Connecting the Dots

Connect information from multiple sources into a larger logical unit for analysis and reporting to gain better and more accurate insight on the issues you wish to track.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence features provide increased accuracy for analysis and reporting tools.

Being smart and accurate

The longer you monitor your sources of information the smarter the system will help you be about narrowing down the scope or broadening it.


Whether you are an individual or need to share analysis and reporting with one or more teams.

Administrative Control

The administrative back-end of Manticore allows you to fine tune analysis, reporting, and notifications across different teams. Share what you need with who you need.

Third Party API

Manticore offers a third party API to consume data and control administrative features to maximize interoperability.

No Limits

Our API allows for third party integration with other products and services but also allows your IT staff to develop custom solutions that may be very specific to your needs.

Speed & Accuracy



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